CSR Management

Seven & i Holdings works toward solving social issues in its core operations through promotion and development of businesses such as products and services. At the same time, we aim for sustainable development that creates value for both companies and society.

CSR Promotion Framework

Seven & i Holdings seeks to promote Group?wide CSR activities that are effective and efficient. To this end, we hold regular, twice?yearly meetings of the CSR Management Committee, which is chaired by the President and Representative Director. At these meetings, we offer guidance and make improvements based on reports received from the four subcommittees. The meetings also help to strengthen the framework of collaboration between the holding company and operating companies.


Compliance Subcommittee

The Group employees complying with laws, regulations and social norms and practicing compliance including fair trade with customers and business partners is absolutely essential to realizing the Group’s Corporate Creed “Trust and Sincerity.” In addition to reinforcing thorough compliance at each Group company level, the Company newly establishes the Compliance Subcommittee in order for the Company, being the shareholding company, to support each Group company strengthen its compliance systems, as well as ensure effective supervision thereby.

Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee

The Group employees understanding the Group’s Corporate Creed and rigorous implementation of the Corporate Action Guidelines are an essential and important foundation to realize the Group’s Corporate Creed “Trust and Sincerity.” The Corporate Ethics and Culture Subcommittee conducts initiatives based on rigorous implementation of the Corporate Action Guidelines, such as to improve Group employee awareness through education by making everyone aware of the Corporate Creed and the Corporate Action Guidelines. In addition to these initiatives, to create fulfilling workplaces, the Company have been conducting an Employee Engagement Survey. The Company is also working to improve work environments, such as by rectifying long working hours, making progress on promoting active roles for diverse human resources including women and people with disabilities, and helping employees balance work and family care responsibilities. Further, the Company is working to create an environment where all employees can work at ease, such as by encouraging employees to take days off on holidays and acquire leave.

Supply Chain Subcommittee

It is one of the important corporate social responsibilities for companies and also a strong demand by stakeholders to promptly respond to the United Nations’ “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” and “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” and to build a sound supply chain with human rights and the environment in mind. To improve product quality and ensure safety at each Group company, the Company aims to establish and strengthen the quality levels and control systems of each Group company based on the Group’s Quality Policy. Furthermore, to ensure that the Company meets its social responsibilities regarding products and services across the entire supply chain, the Company asks business partners to understand and implement the Business Partner Sustainable Action Guidelines. To regularly verify and share their compliance through CSR audits and so on, and to promote education, enlightenment and correction, the Company newly establishes the Supply Chain Subcommittee.

Environment Subcommittee

The Company uses products, raw materials and energy efficiently to combat challenges such as climate change and resource depletion, and the Company is working with customers and business partners to reduce the environmental impact throughout the supply chain. The Company believes this is an important factor that contributes to the sustainable development of society and will result in the sustainable growth of the Group. Therefore, based on the GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 announced in May 2019, the Environment Subcommittee is working to promote initiatives to develop a low-carbon society, a circular economy, and a society in harmony with nature. It will also consider disclosure based on recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Social Value Creation Subcommittee

Based on an awareness that efforts to solve social issues will lead to new business opportunities as the Group expands its business domains and related social problems become increasingly varied, the Social Value Creation Subcommittee takes action to create business that generates social and economic value (creating shared value; CSV). Aiming to realize a sustainable society, the Seven & i Group has identified five material issues that it must address through engagement with various stakeholders. In response, the Social Value Creation Subcommittee is working to plan and execute new businesses originating from social issues to be addressed through core businesses by leveraging business characteristics and management resources, including the Group’s business infrastructure and expertise cultivated to date. Apart from this, the subcommittee will strive to deepen initiatives with a view to fostering external collaboration with business partners, social entrepreneurs, NPOs, and other partners.

CSR Training for Employees

Seven & i Holdings provides employees with CSR training via group training when they join the company or are appointed to a new position through promotion or advancement in rank, in addition to using such means as the Company newsletter and the CSR Databook. Study groups, seminars, and the like are held regularly for specialized fields including compliance, diversity and inclusion, and the environment, and information about volunteering is communicated to employees through the internal portal site.

Also, we have been conducting CSR training via e-learning for all employees at domestic Group companies. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, we conducted e-learning on LGBT issues, SDGs, ESG investment, and preventing harassment.

We also implemented e-learning on the Antimonopoly Act (abuse of dominant bargaining position), the Subcontracting Act, product labeling, and other topics for all employees who deal with business partners.

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