Seven-Eleven Hawaii

In March 2016, Seven-Eleven Hawaii (SEH) added “Our Promise” to its set of company values in order to support its direction as a chain of “close-by, convenient stores,” to shape its corporate culture, and to further solidify its values. “Our Promise” is comprised of the following three specific values.

  • Bring a smile to the faces of customers, vendor partners, and employees
  • Work together as a team to achieve goals
  • Strive for greater heights

To promote “Our Promise,” the company started a program for recognizing exceptional employees. First, all employees are encouraged to nominate people they think are practicing the three values. Then, the selected people are given a badge and a bonus and are introduced in the company newsletter and on an employee-only Facebook page.

These values define SEH as a business for the community, for partners and for employees. The practice of Our Promise then becomes the cornerstone for the words and actions of employees.


Thriving with Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, SEH supports activities and NPOs involved with children, education, public welfare, and health.

In 2018, the equivalent of approximately $42,500 in support was provided to 61 organizations through fundraising, material support, and volunteer activities on the part of SEH customers, stores, employees, and the company.


Supporting NPOs through Storefront Donations

SEH has been collecting storefront donations to support various NPOs that contribute to the local community since it began operations. Organizations that wish to receive donations submit an application stating their mission and why they want to participate in the organization, and each month, one organization is selected as the recipient. The selected organizations are active in fields such as health, safety, and education, and the donated funds are used throughout Hawaii. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, approximately $86,844 were donated.

Social Contribution through the Sale of Coupon Books

Since 2001, SEH has sold Lima Kokua (Helping Hands) Coupon Books to schools, sports teams, and other non-profit organizations. The organizations that purchase the coupon books, which can be used in all SEH stores, earn a profit by selling them to third parties.

SEH supports the activities of these NPOs through the sale of the coupon books.

In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, 25 organizations used the system. Many of these were repeat orders, showing that the books have been popular.

Lima Kokua Coupon Book System

“Healthy Bento Contest ” Held for Culinary School Students

SEH began a partnership with the Pacific Food Association  through an introduction from the Hawaii State Department of Health . Its first initiative was to hold a healthy boxed lunch contest for the association’s students.

Students create boxed lunches  that fulfill nine conditions, such as calorie restrictions (700 calories or less), using at least two local ingredients, and using SEH boxed lunch containers. The boxed lunch competition  gives students an opportunity to tackle meal preparation in ways that differ from restaurant cooking. To support the students during the two-month preparation period, the SEH Fresh Food team  provided SEH information as well as various boxed lunch samples. It also confirmed all samples submitted one week before the contest and provided advice for improvement.

In addition, WARABEYA U.S.A., which supplies products exclusively to SEH, provided students an opportunity to tour a plant. Seeing the process of boxed lunches being made from start to finish was very useful to the students in creating their own boxed lunch recipes.

On November 28, the eight finalists gave presentations in front of an audience of over 70 spectators, and the judges from SEH and WARABEYA U.S.A. decided the top three entries based on the appearance, taste, marketability, and presentation of the food. The first-, second-, and third-place entries, which were boxed lunches consisting of pastele stew, vegetarian chili, and teriyaki salmon , respectively, are slated to be rolled out at all SEH stores in 2019.

Due to the large response received from people in the region, SEH plans to hold the same contest for other culinary school students in the autumn of 2019.


Contest Participants

Support for Children

Starting November 12, 2018, SEH held its third “Letters to Santa” Program . The children living near its stores brought in letters addressed to Santa asking for things that they want. The SEH Marketing Department reads all of the letters and selects 40.

Three children among those who wrote especially outstanding letters appeared on a local lifestyle program and talked about what they requested from Santa and why they requested it. SEH sends presents to the elderly every year during Christmas season, and a 7-year-old girl who requested money for such a present received a gift card. SEH also made a donation in the girl’s name to a service that provides meals to senior citizens. A 9-year-old girl requested that meals be provided to the homeless, and a 12-year-old girl requested a home for abandoned animals. To satisfy this girl’s kindness toward animals, SEH made a donation in the girl’s name to the Hawaiian Humane Society . In addition to providing what the three asked for, SEH also gave them toys and other gifts.

SEH plans to continue the “Letters to Santa” campaign, which brings smiles to children’s faces, in the future as well. The children who participate in the campaign come from families without the financial means to grant their wishes, and they are putting into practice the Christmas spirit  of “unconditional giving.” SEH has learned a lot from children by lending them its assistance.


The three children introduced on television

Reducing Environmental Impact

SEH has been working on an initiative named the Energy Smart Program, to reduce energy consumption, since 2012. In 2018, many stores replaced their ice cases. In addition, they are replacing old sandwich sales fixtures as they increase the number of product displays. Despite these efforts, electricity consumption for 2018 was almost the same level as the previous year.

  • SDGs13

Number of SEH Stores and Environmental Data Associated with Store Operations
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Number of stores 60 63 63 64 64
Electricity consumption (MWh) 18,246 18,399 18,097 18,334 18,425
Water consumption (thousand m3) 44 46 46 47 51

Plastic Countermeasures

With regards to the problem of plastic, about which concern has increased throughout the world, SEH is working to reduce the usage of plastic, with a focus on containers and packaging materials .

【Examples of Initiatives】

  • Not including spoons, forks, and other utensils with boxed lunches, but handing them to those who need them at the cash register
  • Eliminating disposable plastic bags
  • Introduce shrink wrapping* and minimize the wrapping of fresh produce 
  • Implement a ”Bring your own cup” program to encourage customers to bring their own cups

Major Awards and Recognition in the Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2019

Recognition or Award Name Award Sponsor
Best of Honolulu Magazine AIO Hawaii
Hawaii’s Best Star Advertiser

Initiatives in North America

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