Material Issue 2 Providing Safety and Reliability through Products and Stores

Approach to Material Issues

The Seven & i Group handles about 3 million product items at its stores at each company, and also develops a variety of private brand products. Because of this, we place the utmost importance on ensuring the quality of our products, including their safety and reliability. We also recognize the material issue of our role as a social infrastructure that can be used with peace of mind, even in emergencies such as natural disasters.

Relevant policy

Background to Material Issues

Food Safety

With the globalization of food and the occurrence in recent years of incidents and accidents that threaten food safety and security food, there is a growing interest in food safety, including the issues of controlling raw materials, food additives, and residual agrichemicals. In particular, answers to a survey by the Cabinet Office showed that about 70% of people feel uneasy about food safety and want companies to be required to further strengthen their quality control systems.

[Degree of Anxiety about Food Safety]I feel very uneasy:23.6%, I feel uneasy to some extent:47.4%, I feel neither easy nor uneasy:12.6%, I do not feel uneasy:15.8%, Feeling uneasy about:Food poisoning by a virus, etc.: 78.5%, Food containing a radioactive substance: 64.1% [Results of the report entitled Awareness About Food Safety (2015)]

Frequent Natural Disasters

In recent years, floods and landslides due to heavy rain occur frequently, driven by climate change and other factors. Also, many natural disasters such as large?scale earthquakes continue to occur in connection with the location of the Japanese archipelago.
In Japan, especially, where many people suffer due to natural disasters, social infrastructure, such as the provision of the goods and services necessary for daily life, plays an important role when a large?scale disaster occurs. The Company is expected to ensure business continuity to provide a safe and secure base.

[What are your worries about when an earthquake occurs? (Multiple answers allowed)]Safety of family members 93.4%, Securing lifelines such as a water supply and electricity 85.1%, Securing food 80.1%, ?Loss of communication/inability to contact loved ones 71.6%, Collapse of or damage to our house 70.7%, Outbreak of fire 68.4%, Securing daily necessities 60.0%[Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company's questionnaire survey about earthquakes in August 2011]

Promotional Framework for Material Issues

In response to this material issue, the CSR Management Committee, led by the president, and its subordinate Consumer Affairs and Fair Business Practices Subcommittee, work together with the Group companies and related departments to provide safety and reliability through products and stores. The Group is also working to ensure information security under the Group Information Management Committee. These activities are supervised by the Seven and i Holdings Director Executive Officer Head of Corporate Communication Division.

Contribution to SDGs

By tackling this priority issue, Seven & i Group will provide living bases that ensure people's safety and security in the event of natural disasters due to climate change, and will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 9, 11 and 13.


Seven & i Holdings' Initiatives

Building a Quality Control System

We are working to adopt international management system standards and management techniques concerning quality and hygiene in order to provide safe and reliable products to customers.

Food Traceability

We proactively disclose product traceability information (distribution history) in all processes from the procurement of raw materials to sales.

Consideration to Health

In light of customers' increasing health consciousness, we are working to reduce the use of food additives and provide nutritionally well balanced food.

Communication with Customers

We have set up a "customer consultation desk" at each Group company to obtain opinions, requests, and other feedback from customers and respond promptly, in order to improve products and services from the standpoint of customers.

Information Security and Personal Information Protection

We are implementing information security measures based on the belief that appropriately securing and managing the safety of information assets handled by the Seven & i Group is a vital responsibility.

Appropriate Disclosure of Information on Products and Services

We strive to label products accurately and clearly in order to provide an appropriate selection of product and service options for customers, while taking care to avoid any misleading labeling.

Implementing Crime Prevention Measures for Local Communities

We cooperate with community crime prevention efforts in order to ensure that customers can visit and shop at our stores safely and reliably.

Disaster Assistance

We endeavor to reopen stores promptly and keep stores open in the event of a disaster to fulfill our mission as a lifeline for communities.

Disaster Reconstruction Support

Leveraging our strengths as a retailer, we are proactively procuring goods from business partners in the afflicted areas and selling them to customers across Japan.

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