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Disaster Reconstruction Support

The Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 inflicted enormous damage on Tohoku and surrounding regions. The Seven & i Group helps to support the reconstruction by working with employee volunteers and NPOs to conduct a variety of activities, including product sales, while leveraging its position as a retailer to connect consumers with producers.

Tohoku Kakehashi Project

The Seven & i Group has held the Tohoku Kakehashi Project in support of the reconstruction. Our goal is to serve as a bridge connecting the people of Tohoku with people around the country in their desire to support the reconstruction with the cooperation of Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, and other Tohoku Prefectures and various government agencies. There were 270 sponsor and participant companies and approximately 2,300 items, making the project over 10 times larger than when it first started.

Procuring local products from disaster-affected regions helps revitalize the agriculture and fishing industries. In addition, to keep affected regions fresh in the minds of people living outside of them, we purchase products from affected partner companies in Tohoku and the products of major food manufacturers produced in the region. We also hold sales events at approximately 400 stores in total, including IY and York-Benimaru.

Tohoku Kakehashi Project
Launch No. of co-sponsors and participating companies No. of products
1st Round November 7, 2011 22 Companies Approx. 200
2nd Round March 5, 2012 58 Companies Approx. 600
3rd Round July 17, 2012 81 Companies Approx. 800
4th Round November 19, 2012 109 Companies Approx. 1,000
5th Round March 4, 2013 123 Companies Approx. 1,200
6th Round July 9, 2013 160 Companies Approx. 1,300
7th Round October 9, 2013 188 Companies Approx. 1,400
8th Round March 4, 2014 219 Companies Approx. 1,500
9th Round July 14, 2014 239 Companies Approx. 1,710
10th Round October 6, 2014 247 Companies Approx. 1,800
11th Round March 2, 2015 250 Companies Approx. 1,850
12th Round July 14, 2015 257 Companies Approx. 1,900
13th Round October 5, 2015 259 Companies Approx. 2,000
14th Round March 7, 2016 267 Companies Approx. 2,200
15th Round July 12, 2016 260 Companies Approx. 2,000
16th Round October 17, 2016 270 Companies Approx. 2,200
17th Round March 6, 2017 270 Companies Approx. 2,200
18th Round October 16, 2017 270 Companies Approx. 2,220
19th Round March 5, 2018 270 Companies Approx. 2,300
20th Round October 15, 2018 270 Companies Approx. 2,300
21th Round March 5, 2019 270 Companies Approx. 2,300

Supporting PEP Kids Koriyama

At York-Benimaru, support is provided for PEP Kids Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, an indoor, active playground in the city of Koriyama founded on the concept of “Play, Learn and Grow,” which allows children with fewer opportunities to play outside due to the nuclear accident that occurred with the Great East Japan Earthquake to actively engage in exuberant, physical play.

PEP Kids Koriyama

Participation in the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project

In addition, Seven & i Holdings has participated in the Seven-Eleven Foundation’s Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Project since June 2011 and continues to support recovery and reconstruction in areas that were severely affected. Seven & i Group employees also participate each year in volunteer activities. For the 13th Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Project held in September 2017, volunteers took part in a beach clean-up at Kukunaki Beach and participated in oyster cultivation work to support the fisheries industry in Karakuwa Sosei Village in Karakuwa Town, Kesennuma City.

Initiatives for Material Issue 2

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