Material Issue 5 Building an Ethical Society and Improving Resource Sustainability Together with Customers and Business Partners

Sustainable Environment Conservation Activities

Seven & i Holdings cooperates with NPOs and other organizations to undertake measures that contribute to the prevention of global warming and preservation of biodiversity.


Seven Forest Creation Conservation Project

Seven & i Holdings participates in Seven Forest creation activities run by the Seven-Eleven Foundation at 20 locations across Japan to help prevent global warming and contribute to the maintenance and conservation of biodiversity.

The Seven Forest creation concept is a forest nurturing project that includes tree planting, undergrowth clearing, and forest thinning. Japan implements a cycle for planting, nurturing and harvesting trees and then replanting new ones. It takes decades to nurture a tree, during which time people systematically carry out forest conservation activities to protect forests. Trees create water that is rich in minerals and by releasing it into rivers and oceans, they protect biodiversity and help to prevent global warming.

Seven Forest creation activities are carried out by employee volunteers from 7-Eleven franchised stores and Group companies under collaboration agreements with forestry cooperatives, NPOs and others throughout Japan. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, activities were held 26 times and a total of 2,694 people participated.

Another forestry issue in Japan is the need to encourage greater use of wood materials collected from forest thinning activities. Wood material collected from Seven Forest is used within the Group for store materials and office supplies, as well as in commercialization to promote use of national resources.

Furthermore, the Seven-Eleven Foundation  also undertakes marine afforestation initiatives that increase eelgrass—which is helpful in purifying water and reducing CO2—and regenerates the marine environment. The foundation conducts the Tokyo Bay UMI Project since 2011, and the Hannan Seven marine afforestation  initiative  at Osaka Bay since 2018.

Seven Forest Creation

Overview of Seven Forest Creation

Seven-Eleven Foundation

The Seven-Eleven Foundation was established in 1993 for 7-Eleven stores and the Head Office to work together as one on environmentally themed social contribution activities. Using money collected from in-store donation boxes and donations from the Head Office, the foundation engages in projects related to environmental citizenship activity support, nature conservation, and disaster reconstruction assistance. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, instore donations totaled \375,482,345 and around \153,957,167 was used to give grants to 271 environmental citizenship grant projects (including ongoing projects), which support environmental activities by local residents.



Green Wrapping

Sogo & Seibu is promoting the use of “green wrapping,” for customers when they order gifts, which sends the message of “keeping the earth’s environment in mind,” This involves the purchase of a wrapping ribbon with a leaf-shaped mascot for an additional price of \100 (including tax), of which \50 is donated to tree planting and growing activities. One tree is planted for every 80 ribbons sold. In addition, customers purchasing ochuugen and oseibo (summer and winter) gifts who agree to simple packaging also contribute to tree planting, with one tree planted for every 4,000 gifts that use the simple packaging option. (Between 2009 and February 28, 2019, 12,679 trees were planted).

Green Wrapping

Employees carefully plant seedlings provided by the kindness of customers

Sale of Rice Cultivated to Protect the Environment and Biodiversity

Ito-Yokado sells a rice series that not only uses fewer agrichemicals and chemical fertilizers, but also encourages "biodiversified farming," in which rice fields also service as wildlife habitats. Part of the sales are donated for environmental improvements. In the fiscal year ended February 28, 2019, sales of Koshihikari Rice Nurturing White Storks provided approximately \50,000 for nurturing oriental white storks, while sales of Sado, Niigata Prefecture-Produced Koshihikari Rice Certified by the Creating Villages Coexisting with Crested Ibis Program provided approximately \150,000 to the Fund for the Improved Habitat for the Japanese Crested Ibis.


Rice cultivated while protecting the environment and biodiversity

Initiatives for Material Issue 5

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